Shade Sail Repairs


Are your shade sails damaged or falling apart?

Sail Repair WA can provide invisible, long-lasting repairs for all outdoor & waterproof shade sails, giving you up to ten years of added protection at a fraction of the price of a new sail.

All shade sails such show signs of wear and tear over time. However, many people don’t know that they can be easily repaired or reinforced, greatly extending the life of your sail.

We regularly see shade sails come in for repair when they are around 6 – 10 years old. Normally the shade cloth material stays in good condition, but the seams, corners and stitching can be ripped apart after a storm, or from ordinary wear and tear.

Sail repair WA specialise in all canvas and shade sail repairs, and can skilfully restitch and reinforce your shade sails with our custom equipment to neatly fix and strengthen your shade sail.

Common shade sail repairs

  • Restitching all webbing & corners, due to the old stitching failing
  • Rebuilding a middle seam that has torn apart
  • Rebuilding and reinforcing corners
  • Attaching new hardware such as the rings, turnbuckles and chains
  • Patching holes or tears in shade cloth

Shade sail repairs that last the test of time

Only high quality marine grade sewing thread is used to ensure the protection against UV, water and mould. We also have several industrial machines to give the best possible repairs to any type of canvas or cloth.

Shade sail cleaning

Give your shade sails a makeover! Bring your shade sails to us and we’ll professionally clean them with premium products to remove any dirt or ugly mould build-up.

Completing the repairs

We prefer it if you drop off and pick up your shade sails for repair. However, we understand that at times, help is required to bring down and later reinstall your shade sail and can offer an installation service for you.

We also making new Shade Sails on order!

Talk to us about your custom shade sail requirements.


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