Kite Repairs


Using only dedicated industrial machines, Sail Repair WA offer outstanding expertise and attention to detail, giving you quality repairs you can rely on.

Sail repair WA have been doing kite repairs for a seriously  long time. We have a dedicated industrial sewing machine for these kind of repairs that require attention to details and know how.

Most common repairs

– Canopy repairs
– Leading Edge repairs
– Strut repairs
– Webbing repairs
– Zip repairs

We use Rip Stop material to repair the canopy (on both sides). This material is the same grade thickness as the canopy and further more it is sticky to ensure a professional repair that lasts.
Most colours are in stock to match your kite colours.

For the leading edge, trailing edge and struts we use Dacron repair tape in different colours to match your kite. Dacron tape is a super strong material that is required on those areas that takes more impacts and tension.

Only high marine grade sewing thread is used to provide maximum protection against UV, water and sand.



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