Minimum charge is $50

It is depending of the work load. It is unusual that it is over 1 week. Smaller repairs jobs we can turn around quicker. We can advice you when you drop of the repair here.

Yes. We do have different products that can help you like Tear Aid tape, Dacron tape, Ripstop tape etc. You can always ask.

Yes. Please get send or dirt of the repair jobs as this is bad for the sewing machines. Please also provide it dry. 

Yes. We have a standard 1 year warranty on all repairs or custom work.

Yes. We only used the best threads. Marine grade

Yes. We do receive repair jobs by post or shipping. Make sure to leave notes on repair job and return address. Please send it to our workshop address with signature required.

Yes. We can take cards, bank transfer or cash.

Yes. Any quote is free. We do prefer to see the job ourselves at the workshop to give a exact quote. But at times we can quote over the phone / or email. Pictures is very helpful for quoting.

Yes. This is important as we do have jobs that require us to be working away from the workshop at times.